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The RubiscoAudit Agency also specializes in training the skills used in contacts with clients.

The two main areas of trainings cover:

  • sales
  • client service

The Mystery Client (MC)-type tests are often used as the beginning of introduction of changes in the standards of service and sales. That is why we have prepared for our partners complex solutions, including a system of trainings closely connected with the planned changes and monitoring that process with MC tests, which makes it possible to effectively introduce new standards.

The trainings are based on the modern psychological practice and on sales experience. Our trainers are professional psychologists because we believe that what is most important in sales and service, is the proper attitude and motivation which cannot be replaced by even the best technique.

About our methods

  • We develop the motivation of employees from the level of constructing the training – we talk with them and make observations
  • Skill development – we work on particular case studies from the work of the participants, we record the exercises with a video camera, so the employees will get precise feedback
  • Instead of lectures we use projection techniques, Socratic dialogue and circular questions – thus we learn more effectively by acting
  • We use positive psychology and optimum activity psychology – our trainings develop the potential of the participants
  • We introduce elements of coaching – we motivate to self-development
  • We use standardized diagnostic tools

Individual Projects

Our Clients often need an individualized training project, adapted to their sector or to a specific situation. Then we conduct a complete analysis of the expectations, needs and aims of our Clients, we make observations in order to get to know the specific character of the sector, and we analyze the skills and motivations of the training participants. On that basis we can execute the project that is fully adapted to the needs of our Clients. We create from scratch a fully adapted project focusing on the achievement of the intended aim of our Clients. The training is one of the elements of change – we also recommend a research strategy with which the changes are introduced and maintained in everyday practice.

At the end of the trainings we suggest an evaluation system which will allow to test not only the employees’ satisfaction, but also their knowledge and level of motivation.

Express Trainings

Apart from individualized training projects, we have prepared a number of trainings that can be conducted in any place and any time.

Difficulties with clients

Talking to the client – asking questions and listening to answers

How to get prepared to a presentation

Motivating the sales personnel

Product tying and add-on sales

Psychological conditions of contacts with clients

Phone sales

Service by phone - complaints


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