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When providing services to clients, each firm is trying to satisfy the needs of its clients to the highest possible degree. Loyal consumers make more frequent purchases and recommend the firm or its to their friends and family. By researching and correctly interpreting clients’ moods, we affect the positive image and increase the trust to the brand. If we know the reasons for client’s identification with the firm and its products, or for the lack of such identification, we can select the suitable strategies supporting the development of long-term partnerships.

Variants of Client’s Satisfaction Tests

  • introduction to the implementation of the process of changes in terms of service
  • crowning the process of improving the quality of service
  • supplementing the MysteryShopper research
  • determining client profile

The information provided with the use of that method

  • what are the selection criteria of the clients when choosing the products or services
  • where they learn about the firm and its products
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of the offer
  • how clients perceive the brand, whether they identify themselves with it
  • how they compare it with competition

Client’s Satisfaction Test is performed using the qualitative method (in-depth interviews, non-standard questionnaires) and the quantitative method (interviews on the basis of standardized questionnaires) through all the communication channels (F2F, by phone, online).


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