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The tool used for testing client service by phone, mainly used for assessing the work of the helpline and of the Client Service Office.

Among others, the following factors are assessed:

  • time of waiting for the conversation
  • the consultant’s culture of conversation
  • subject-matter knowledge
  • employee’s involvement
  • the ability to listen to the client and the correctness of statements
  • the ability to solve the problem quickly
  • sales abilities
  • compliance with firm’s standards

The test is conducted with the use of the CATI method, with the use of the original program Ankieter+, allowing to fill in the questionnaire in real time, which has a positive effect on the efficiency of the interviewers’ work. The system structure measures the duration of conversation and ensures that no question is omitted.

Due to the Mystery Calling tests, we obtain the information on whether, and at what stage of client service, there appears negligence, which allows to introduce repair procedures.

Due to the improvement of service quality in terms of phone contacts, we obtain client’s satisfaction and trust, which translates into the positive reception of the work of telemarketers.


Testing the quality of client service using e-mails or query forms, used especially to assess the employee in terms of:

  • time of reaction to the message received
  • subject-matter knowledge
  • language culture
  • involvement
  • ability to solve the client’s problem
  • stylistic, grammatical and orthographical correctness
  • compliance with firm’s standards


Skype, GG, Live Chat, others

In the era of development of the e-commerce market, alternative methods of communication with clients are becoming more and more popular. Due to the development of technology, there exists the possibility to communicate with the use of such applications as online messengers or chats.

While testing the quality of service in such forms of contacts, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • availability of the employee operating the given channel
  • time of client service
  • kindness towards the client
  • involvement in the approach to the problem and its fast solution
  • sales abilities, with frequent conclusion
  • subject-matter knowledge
  • correctness of the formulated statements


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