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The market marketing research is a key to knowing the behaviors, preferences and opinions of consumers. The long-term strategies of the enterprises that take into account such information, increase the chance of informing the largest group of potential clients of the product. By gathering and correctly interpreting the data on the phenomena and on the processes taking place in the market, each firm gets closer to the success in the form of client’s satisfaction and good opinion on the brand. The marketing research allows to monitor the reasons of the potential dissatisfaction of the client, and to quickly counteract negative trends, by minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.

The techniques of marketing research provide the necessary knowledge in such sectors as:

  • FMCG
  • Automotive industry
  • Medicine and health
  • Finances and insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Public and social opinion

Methods of using the data

The quantitative research provides the indices interpreting the scope and commonness of the phenomenon in the population. It is used for gathering the information on the particular subject, in accordance with the pre-determined standards. The research is executed on a properly selected and numerous group of people, taking into account effective statistical methods. The condition for the correct execution of the research is the use of a standardized questionnaire with the use of closed questions or a scale. The results are presented in charts, tables and percentage values. The quantitative research techniques can be used while inspecting the phenomena in marketing and social fields.

Types of quantitative research

  • personal interview (F2F, PAPI, CAPI techniques) with the use of opinion poll methods, tests, observations and audit surveys
  • interview by phone (the CATI technique)
  • online survey (the CAWI technique) or survey by mail
  • record book research


  • the results may be applied to the whole population – standardized questionnaire
  • lower conditioning of respondents
  • objective interpretation of results


  • opinion polls
  • preference and loyalty research
  • behavior research
  • satisfaction research
  • research into the product, packaging, advertisements
  • researching the image

The qualitative research is used for understanding indirectly the reasons for the behavior of the target group, by using the method of interview or participatory observation. The qualitative research is conducted on a small group, with the use of non-standardized questionnaires. The aim of that method is especially to obtain the in-depth information on the needs, barriers, attitudes and assessments of the target group, also the ones it is not aware of.

By using the projection techniques and asking the questions indirectly, we obtain the feedback on the subject of the research, even though the interview was not focused..

By conducting the research using the qualitative method, we receive the information on the in-depth motivations of the target group, those not explicit directly. If we want to get to know the motivations and needs of the consumers, the perception of the brand or the assessment of the new image, the qualitative method will be the suitable solution for learning about the scale of the phenomenon. The limitation of the research is lack of the possibility to transfer the results to the population, and the probability of indirect effects of the moderator on the group. The qualitative research techniques can be used while inspecting the phenomena in marketing, social and cultural fields.

Types of qualitative research

  • focus group interview (FGI)
  • individual in-depth interview (IDI)
  • moderated discussion groups
  • expert group
  • family group
  • repeated group
  • consumer tests
  • experiment


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