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The test making use of all the available methods associated with client service – personal visit, phone contact or e-mail, for the purpose of gathering as much information as possible on the direct or indirect competitors.

Due to the use of the so-called open source intelligence, we obtain the knowledge on:

  • the prices, discounts, special offers and sales conditions
  • the products, including new products
  • exhibition, materials and marketing or promotional activities
  • competitor’s opinion on the firm ordering the research
  • general client service
  • the strengths and weaknesses of the firm

That method is also applied in commercial partners for the purpose of:

  • learning about the actual opinion on the firm and its products
  • learning about the degree of involvement in recommending the products
  • controlling the prices and product discounts
  • proper exhibition of products or advertising materials

CompetitionCheck is one of the most important factors of developing the strategy of an enterprise. The activities based on the available information resources support the achievement of a competitive advantage and strengthen the firm’s position in the market. The skilful activities of collecting, gathering and processing the information on the economic surroundings, is conductive to firm’s development and facilitates the achievement of a business success.


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