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With the use of the quantitative and qualitative appraisal of results, we present the full picture of client service. Each research questionnaire is individually constructed in cooperation with an experienced team of sales psychologists. Each report is prepared in accordance with the highest standards and on the basis of substantive values, and thus we avoid template approaches to the process.

The interpretation of the research results is facilitated by final reports. Depending on the degree of advancement, we offer two types of reports:

  • Basic
  • Advance

They cover a diverse scope of analyses and rankings, and the individual repair program RubiscoFixKit.

Due to the unique construction of the repair program RubiscoFix Kit, each employer has at its disposal the tools that allow it to introduce changes at each stage of the client service process. 

The results of the research presented on the RubiscoOnLine platform allow the insight into the work of auditors in real time, 24 hours a day, with the use of optimized and intuitive profiles. The personalized client panel is integrated with a wide spectrum of analytical tools that allow to individually construct multilayer reports.


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